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I Am Wolf

Alastair Chisholm

Book cover: I Am Wolf

Coll belongs to Wolf.

In a savage world where huge technological Constructs fight for territory, living on Wolf and being part of her crew is all he has ever known.

But when a new and dangerous Construct attacks, Coll's life is changed forever. Thrown clear and left stranded, he'll do anything to get back to Wolf.

But as Coll learns a new way to survive, he starts to question everything he's been taught. Can he find Wolf again? And if he does … will he still belong?

ReadingZone Book of the Month!

“Every Alastair Chisholm MG sci-fi has been amazing, but I Am Wolf is a mind-blowingly brilliant blockbuster on a whole new level.”

“Great characters, page-turning action and sci-fi thrills!”

“…one of the best books I’ve read in ages. The story is gripping and intriguing, and the world-building is perfection. If you like books that create movies in your mind then you must read this.”

I Am Wolf is stunning. I raced through it from the first battle of the constructs to the last moments of hope and reconciliation. The characters are beautifully drawn, we engage totally with Coll, an angry teen trying to find his place in this rigid world of tribal allegiance, and his supporting cast are solid and varied.”

“A rip-roaring blockbuster of a book”

“I wolfed this down … great MG sci-fi!”

“A gripping, dystopian thriller”

“Every Alastair Chisholm MG sci-fi has been amazing, but I Am Wolf is a mind-blowingly brilliant blockbuster on a whole new level.”

“Absolutely FABULOUS!”

“I thoroughly enjoyed I Am Wolf. The fledgling friendships between Coll and his companions give us something very special. I am most definitely looking forward to finding out what they’ll get up to in I am Raven.”

“⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ ...with echoes of Mortal Engines [...] and yet an originality all of its own.”

“What a fantastic start to a new series… ‘I AM WOLF’ by [Alastair Chisholm] is a stunning dystopian Sci-Fi. Full of giant mechanical creatures battling each other, but at its core a story about what is family and finding your tribe.”

“⭐The Week Junior BOOK OF THE WEEK⭐: A tense and exciting science-fiction thriller full of twists”

“⭐Peters BOOK OF THE WEEK⭐: Imaginative world-building and a gripping plot are boosted by strong, inclusive characters that engage the reader's sympathy, and challenge feelings of worth & belonging throughout”

“Inventive, thrilling, emotional, exciting”

“With awesome world building, perils aplenty, sack loads of suspense, some quiet contemplative moments and several terrific characters, this is a read that grips you tight.”

“Along the ride, we find ourselves contemplating some pretty big questions – about identity, loyalty and how we treat others. The depiction of limb difference has clearly been well researched, and Coll’s journey is less about him learning to ‘overcome disability’ as learning to recognise assumptions and biases – including his own.”

“Max Max for kids”

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