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Alastair Chisholm

Book cover: Reek

To keep breathing, insert payment…

The Bookseller's Editor's Choice

Sparrow lives in the world after the Reek, a toxic pollution that covers the Earth. Only tech billionaire Axel Brodie knows how to make clean air, and Sparrow works every day to keep her family alive.

But when an inventor friend discovers a new way to survive the Reek, Sparrow’s life becomes even more deadly. Someone doesn’t want the world to learn what Sparrow knows – and they’ll do everything in their power to stop her…

Who will win in this battle to breathe free?

Information for Adults: This book has a dyslexia-friendly layout, typeface and paperstock so that even more readers can enjoy it. It has been edited to a reading age of 9.

Published by Barrington Stoke in July 2024, Reek is available for Pre orders now!

“Great world-building, brilliant characters, awesome action, cool gadgets, and a timely message all in super-readable fast-paced format. Loved this one.”

“This dystopian thriller, published in a dyslexia-friendly format, is stripped back to the bare bones of the plot and is all the better for it; this is an unforgettable, pulsating thriller that readers will inhale.

“Fun, pacy and packed with action while incorporating some great commentary on corporations and environmentalism. I can see it getting a lot of reluctant readers into reading for pleasure.”

“An absolute masterclass in how to write a super-readable title that everyone will enjoy. Fast-paced, engaging and a nuanced exploration of socio-political-environmental topics. And the cover illustration is just stunning. Superb all round!”

“I gasped at parts and giggled at points. It’s mischievous and unnerving, but overall a spectacular read.”

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