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Space Pirate Bears!

Written by Alastair Chisholm and illustrated by Jez Tuya

Book cover: Space Pirate Bears!

In the darkest depths of outer space, Princess Leona’s STAR DEFENDERS protect the galaxy from danger!

It's a rainy day, and Jamie and Abby are bored! Dad, trying to work from his dining table office, has no choice but to entertain them with a story – a Space Pirate Bear story!

When something grey threatens the entire universe, and has the Star Defenders on the brink of defeat, who are you going to call? The mightiest band of heroes in all the cosmos, of course – the SPACE PIRATE BEARS! But can Abby and Jamie agree who these mysterious heroes are before the Forces of Greyness destroys everything?

A story within a story that celebrates family time together and choosing your own path.

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