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Moira Coo

Written by Alastair Chisholm and illustrated by Craig Shuttleworth

Book cover: Moira Coo


Meet Moira Coo, a highland cow with BIG dreams!

Moira lives in a field behind a fence, just like the other cows. She eats grass, just like the other cows. But Moira is no ordinary cow – she’s a cow who dares to dream!

One day she’s a zooming race car driver, the next she’s a graceful dancer . . . that is until all the other cows start to scoff and sneer, and Moira Coo is just a cow once more. But can one wee voice of encouragement ring loud enough for Moira to finally find her wings and soar?

A funny, empowering picture book about encouraging others.

Published by Hachette in August 2024, Moira Coo is available for Pre orders now!

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