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I Am Wolf is Here!

I Am Wolf is Here!

It's launch day for my new middlegrade sci-fi adventure I AM WOLF!

I'm so excited to see this out in the world. I Am Wolf is a story about giant mechanical beasts roaming the land, fighting for territory – but it's also about a boy named Coll trying to find his place in the world. It's about tribalism and conflict, about acceptance, and in the end, about finding your own crew.

Initial reviews are fantastic, thank you so much to everyone who read the early proof! You can read more about it, and where to buy it, here: I Am Wolf.

“Every Alastair Chisholm MG sci-fi has been amazing, but I Am Wolf is a mind-blowingly brilliant blockbuster on a whole new level.”

We launched with friends and family at the wonderful Argonaut Books in Leith, Edinburgh – thank you all for coming along!

Alastair Chisholm standing in front of a shop window showing several copies of his book I Am Wolf
The 'Proud parent' look…
Alastair Chisholm signing copies of I Am Wolf

And there's a trailer! Narrated by the fantastic Ben Mercer, and featuring cover and chapter illustrations by Karítas Gunnarsdóttir, map art by Jensine Eckwall and even a soundtrack by Aaron Lampert!

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