Book cover: Kai and Boneshadow

Kai and Boneshadow

Alastair Chisholm

In the land of Draconis, there are no dragons…

…Or so people think.

A new series of fantasy adventures for ages 7-9!

When dragonseer Kai and his dragon Boneshadow are summoned to the palace to work for the King, they decide to secretly search for a dragon they believe is hiding there. Kai discovers a mysterious potion that makes him more powerful, and more confident…

But is that all?

As he uncovers the secrets of the palace, Kai begins to change – and soon he’s in danger of losing his friends … and even Boneshadow herself.

A fast-paced and easy to read adventure, illustrated throughout by Eric Deschamps, and perfect for fans of Beast Quest and How to Train your Dragon.

The Dragon Storm Series

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