The CROWVUS Christmas Spirit book is now available!

9th December 2017

My copies of the CROWVUS Christmas Spirit book have come through, and they’re looking very nice indeed. I’ve spent the weekend reading through all the entries (including reading my own one again because I’m shameless) and it’s a very entertaining collection of stories!

The CROWVUS Christmas Spirit is based on a competition from the people at Crowvus Books, a small but possibly
fanatic publisher from Inverness. One thing I really liked is that they encouraged children to take part, with free
entry and a separate prize (the winning children’s entry, The Child and The Spectre by Anna Bayly, is Very Good Indeed).

Crowvus are now running a poetry competition so if you’re feeling poetic (or you know a child who is) then go have a look. But in the meantime – BUY MY BOOK!