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Reek Announcement!

Reek Announcement!

It's the official announcement from Barrington Stoke – they're publishing my new novel REEK in July!

I’m so excited to be part of Barrington Stoke’s mission to bring the joy of reading and storytelling to everyone. Reek is an adventure story set in a future poisoned by pollution, where people have to pay even for the air they breathe, and a tiny group of billionaires controls the whole world – an idea that may sound worryingly plausible.

I wanted to write about how that would feel, but I also wanted an exciting story, with a kick-ass hero, Sparrow – a young hover-booted courier written off by society but ready to change the world. And as a comics lover, I’m very lucky to be working with artist George Caltsoudas on this project. His illustrations are electrifying and really leap off the page – I can’t wait to show them off!

Published by Barrington Stoke in July 2024, Reek is available for Pre orders now!