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I Am Wolf – Cover Reveal!

I Am Wolf – Cover Reveal!

I have been waiting for so long to share this! The cover reveal for I AM WOLF is out, and the cover is AMAZING 😍😍😍. It's designed by Nosy Crow designer Ray Tierney, with art by Karítas Gunnarsdóttir, and it is UNBELIEVABLY COOL.

Coll belongs to Wolf.

In a savage world where huge technological Constructs fight for territory, living on Wolf and being part of her crew is all he has ever known.

But when a new and dangerous Construct attacks, Coll's life is changed forever. Thrown clear and left stranded, he'll do anything to get back to Wolf.

But as Coll learns a new way to survive, he starts to question everything he's been taught. Can he find Wolf again? And if he does … will he still belong?

Published by Nosy Crow in May 2024, I Am Wolf is available for Pre orders now!